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Sergey Gorshkov: Odyssey through Kamchatka

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Stunning 170 page pictorial work about Kamchatka Peninsula, the easternmost region of Siberia in Russia by Sergey Gorshkov. You don´t want to miss this!

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Kamchatka is known for its big bears, Pacific salmons and volcanoes. Kamchatka has the highest bear density in the world and it is possible to see several bears at once fishing on the banks of rivers and shores of the lakes. Gorshkov has photographed bears even without hides, also from the water. In fact he was the first to photograph bears under the water. Also other animals and the birds of the arctic are abundant in the Kamchatka Peninsula. According to Gorshkov Kamchatka is not only the best place in the world to admire and photograph brown bears, but also a great palce to see and photograph Steller´s sea eagles and foxes.

Years during which Gorshkov photographed in Kamchatka meant big changes in his personal life and also in his values of life. Nature of the area is altogether reason which resulted to Gorshkov to become that photographer he is known today.

In his home country Gorshkov has taken as his mission to increase awareness of the people about fantastic nature of their enormous country. Gorshkov is best known russian nature photographer and one of the most respected in the world. He is the first russian National Geographic photographer and has won the titel of Nature Photographer of the Year in Russia twice. He has also received several awards from the world´s most prestigious nature photography contest, Wildlife Photographer of the Year, previously in 2015.

Gorshkov is former hunter, who speaks against trophy hunting and on the behalf of shooting with camera instead.

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