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Sergey Gorshkov: Kamchatka & Wrangel Island package

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Get both Sergey Gorshkov's books for a good price! Kamchatka and Wrangel Island books together 77,50€ (55€+22,50€ dispatching costs) to EU or 83,80€ (55€+28,80€ dispatching costs) to rest of the world.

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The book Odyssey through Kamchatka describes the wilderness of the easternmost Siberia, but also on very personal level the journey to a man and a photographer that Gorshkov is today. Arctic pearl - Wrangel Island tells enthusiastically about the discovery of the island and its history. The book takes the reader to the world of the polar bears, snowy owls, Arctic foxes and snow geese. Read more about books on their individual pages Odyssey through Kamchatka and Arctic pearl - Wrangel Island.